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Create custom Object

A custom project is a project wich only depends on dappkit (and dappkit-launcher) to complement its own Solidity contracts.
$ npm i -s @taikai/dappkit
$ npm i -g @taikai/dappkit-launchpad
@taikai/dappkit will be used to provide the user with proxies for common contracts, along with a Web3Connection, and @taikai/dappkit-launchpad will be responsible for transpiling your custom contract into something understandable by @taikai/dappkit.
Compiling your contracts
Both truffle and hardhat will provide a ContractName.json file wich holds the ABI and bytecode for the contract
$ npm i -g truffle
$ truffle compile
$ npx install --save-dev hardhat
$ npx hardhat compile

Transpiling and using your custom contract

$ dk-transpile -f "path/to/ContractName.json"
Depending on your configuration (and contract) this will output a extension of the Model class, with the methods loaded in, and with the name of the file matching the name of the contract.

Deploying the custom contract

import {CustomContract} from './path/to/CustomContract';
const customContract = new CustomContract({web3Host: 'http://localhost:1337', privateKey: '0xPrivateKey'});
const tx = await customContract.deployJsonAbi('arg1', 'arg2'/*, arg3, arg4, ...etc*/);
console.log('Deployed contract; Address: ', tx.contractAddress);

Using the custom contract

const customContract = new CustomContract({web3Host: 'http://localhost:1337', privateKey: '0xPrivateKey'});
// Get a value on the contract
const receipt = await customContract.CustomMethod('arg1'/*, 'otherArgument', ...etc */);
// Change a value on the contract
const receipt2 = await customContract.OtherCustomMethod('newValue'/*, 'otherArgument', ...etc */)

Costumizing a custom contract proxy

@taikai/dappkit-launchpad made a custom proxy from the coded that was provided, but this proxy can be futher customized - by hand.
Just open the ./path/to/CustomContract and add more functions, or add a customization to the super.start that loads information for a custom API:
/* ... erased code for brevity */
async function start() {
const data = await fetch('http://localhost:1337/api/health').then(() => true).catch(() => false)
if (!data)
throw Error('Something happened!!!11');
return super.start()
/* erased code for brevity... */