About dappKit

SDK for Faster Web3 Development

More than a standard open-source library

dappKit is a curated framework so that you can automate creation and unit testing, javascript wrappers, and extended integration just by writing solidity - a tool built with @Truffle (integrates compiling in solc together in your Smart Contracts) & @OpenZeppelin (provides trustable, audited & tested Smart Contracts) already integrated, solving a very simple problem: velocity in solidity development

All the Documentation for each Object can be found here


dappKit: build decentralized applications faster

If you are a developer, here are a few reasons why you should start considering building with dappKit.

✅ Better ramp-up: You can add Blockchain-related capabilities to your software in a faster way, and avoid all the repetitive tasks associated with Smart Contracts Development.

✅ Javascript SDK: Javascript is one of the most used programming languages in the world, especially for web apps and front-end purposes. You don't need to add additional languages to your stack, in order to build decentralized web3 applications.

✅ Faster time-to-market: Increase the speed of development, testing, and deployment of Smart Contracts;

✅ Reduce costs: Reduce your application development costs by using an open-source framework;

✅ Become part of a strong Brand & Community: TAIKAI has a very strong and engaged community that you can become a part of too. We have a beloved brand that you can use to work on interesting and challenging projects aligned with your interests and goals.

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