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Create your NFT Art Gallery

A simple NFT Collectibles contract where you can create a limited set of NFTs available
  • All NFTs have the same price setPricePerPack
  • All NFTs are identified via the metadata via a baseURI & tokenURI
  • These can be created with an unlimited Amount of Packs or unlimited by providing limitedAmount as 0
  • A tokenURI can be set to provide Information Metadata for each NFT at setTokenURI to make all NFT have the same URI - example
    • This will make the tokenID the suffix of the baseURI - for example for the NFT number 1, the tokenURI will be - structure as baseURI + tokenURI
    • Ensure the API returns data structures similar to this one
    • This will make systems such as opensea automatically gather the metadata for your NFT directly from your API
  • You can also set each one independently via the call setTokenURI(tokenId, url) - this will make it abandon the baseURI standard - structure as tokenURI
In order to use ERC721Collectibles you also need to provide instance Web3Connection
instance object of Web3ConnectionOptions
import { ERC721Collectibles } from '@taikai/dappkit';
const erc721Collectibles = new ERC721Collectibles({
web3Host: 'WEB3_LINK',
await erc721Contract.start();
await erc721Collectibles.loadAbi();
// Deploy
const transactionReceipt = await erc721Collectibles.deployJsonAbi(
"Art | BEPRO",
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